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Google’s Pixel Update: A Mixed Bag of Enhancements and Issues

Every quarter, Google unveils a new Feature Drop for its Pixel phones, and the June 2023 update was no exception. This update brought a host of new features, including cinematic wallpapers, enhancements to the Recorder app, and emoji wallpapers. However, as with many recent Pixel updates, this latest one seems to have brought along some unwelcome guests: battery drain and overheating issues.

Numerous Pixel owners have taken to Reddit to report significant battery drain and mobile network connectivity problems following the June update. The battery drain is so severe that some users find themselves needing to charge their phones twice a day to ensure they last until nightfall. The Tensor chips in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series are not as power-efficient as Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon SoCs, and these bugs causing random and excessive battery drain only exacerbate the situation.

In terms of connectivity, users are experiencing sudden and frequent signal drops on their Pixels. The temporary fix that appears to be effective is a daily phone restart to keep these issues at bay.

This isn’t the first instance of Pixel owners grappling with random battery drain, overheating, and connectivity issues. Just a month prior, a Google app bug led to overheating and excessive battery drain in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series. Google promptly investigated and issued a fix following these reports.

Over the past two years, Pixel 6 users have reported numerous instances of random signal loss, a problem made worse by the subpar performance of the built-in Exynos modem.

While the battery drain and overheating issues with the June 2023 update aren’t as widespread as some past bugs, they are still a significant concern. Unfortunately, if your Pixel’s battery life has plummeted with the June update, there’s little to do but wait for Google to address the issue with a server-side fix or a new update.

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