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Twitch Announces Advertising Policy Revisions After Streamer Exodus

Recently, Twitch, the livestreaming platform owned by Amazon, found itself in a whirlwind of controversy that led to numerous streamers departing from the platform. The cause of the turmoil was an update to the platform’s advertising rules, which sparked significant backlash from the content creator community.

Originally, the new rules would have significantly curtailed the flexibility of streamers to incorporate ads into their livestreams. The rules stipulated restrictions on the size and nature of ads that streamers could use, thereby hampering their ability to generate income on the platform. Furthermore, the updated rules sought to limit the size of logos that streamers could display to just 3% of the screen size.

In the wake of this controversy, Twitch issued an apology via Twitter, a post that garnered over 25 million views. The platform acknowledged that the update to their branded-content policy was excessively broad, leading to widespread misunderstanding and dissatisfaction among the streamer community. Twitch emphasised that it did not aim to limit the streamers’ capacity to establish direct relationships with sponsors, understanding this as a vital revenue stream for many creators.

However, the apology and promise of policy revision were not sufficient to mollify all streamers. Stallion, a UK-based streamer, voiced his decision to leave Twitch, expressing long-standing frustrations with the platform. He highlighted the platform’s lack of discoverability and the feeling that the focus had shifted to profit at the expense of the content creators.

The revised policy also raised concerns among charity events such as Games Done Quick, which depend heavily on screen-filling logos for their events. In June, this event successfully raised $2.2 million for Doctors Without Borders. Twitch’s promise to revisit and revise the controversial rules has left the specific details of the changes unclear.

While Twitch has pledged to rewrite the contentious policy, the ambiguity surrounding which aspects will be altered remains. Unfortunately, for some streamers and events, the controversy has already made its mark. Many have chosen to leave the platform, while others have publicly aired their grievances.

Twitch’s saga serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between platform policies, creator freedoms, and revenue models in the digital age. The platform’s next steps will be watched closely by streamers and audiences alike, potentially setting precedents for other platforms in the future.

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