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The Dawn of Generative AI in Google Workspace: An In-depth Look at New Features in Slides, Gmail, and Docs

In the current digital age, generative AI technology has been making waves, stirring a blend of enthusiasm and concern among professionals. As we navigate this new landscape, tech behemoths like Google and Microsoft are leading the charge, boldly integrating AI into their software suites. Google’s new initiative, known as Duet AI for Google Workspace, was unveiled last month and has been under active development since March. Recently, a slew of new AI-driven features were revealed, making Google Workspace apps such as Slides, Gmail, and Docs more powerful and intuitive.

One of the standout additions is in Google Slides, an application known for its presentation capabilities. A revolutionary feature, aptly named “Help me visualize,” has been introduced. This tool offers users a unique way to generate images based on specific prompts. Users can also add a stylistic touch to their presentations by choosing from a range of styles, including Photography, Illustration, Flat lay, Background, and Clipart. Once the user finalizes their selection and hits “Create,” the software takes care of the rest. A custom image, tailored to the user’s specifications, is generated and ready to be incorporated into the presentation within 20 seconds. This feature not only adds a new dimension to the presentation-making process but also underscores the creative potential of AI.

But the innovation doesn’t stop with Slides. Google has also made strides in Gmail by incorporating generative AI to enhance the “Help me write” feature. Now, this feature takes into account the context of previous emails in a thread, providing suggestions that are relevant and timely. This enhancement proves to be invaluable when it comes to tasks such as rescheduling events or meetings. By accurately filling in crucial details like dates and reasons for postponement, it streamlines communication and reduces the chances of overlooking vital information.

Meanwhile, Google Docs, Google’s popular word processing tool, is also getting its share of AI magic. With the help of auto-generated smart chips, content created using the “Help me write” feature becomes more informative and precise. These smart chips can serve as reminders to add key details such as job titles or company names in a job description, thereby improving the quality of the document.

It’s important to note that all these innovations are part of Google’s Duet AI for Google Workspace, a testament to the company’s commitment to harnessing AI’s potential to make work more efficient and enjoyable. This suite of features is not just for a privileged few. Google’s Workspace Labs, unlike Google Search Labs, which is limited to a select few in the U.S., is broadly accessible. Thus, users who are eager to explore the future of work powered by AI can try out these experimental features by signing up on the Workspace Labs page.

As the fusion of AI and workspace tools continues to evolve, these developments from Google offer a fascinating glimpse into the future. With AI’s potential being tapped into in such an innovative way, we can look forward to even more groundbreaking features in the days to come.

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