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Introducing Google DeepMind

Google and DeepMind have joined forces to create a new group called Google DeepMind, aimed at accelerating progress and collaboration in AI research and development. The merger combines Google’s AI-focused Brain unit and DeepMind, an AI research company acquired by Google in 2014.

Google Research, which explores various areas of technology and computer science, will continue operating without the Google Brain component. Its mission, according to Sundar Pichai, involves advancing computer science in fields such as algorithms, privacy, security, quantum computing, health, climate, and sustainability.

The newly formed Google DeepMind will focus on achieving maximum impact in AI while ensuring safety and responsibility. Its first major projects will involve developing “powerful” multimodal AI models, capable of processing not just text but also visual, auditory, and video inputs.

The Magi task force, recently reported to be working on next-generation AI-powered search, was not specifically mentioned in the announcements from Sundar Pichai or DeepMind, but it might be a part of Google DeepMind.

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