The Aspen Theme was one of the easiest theme to set up for WordPress responsive sitesthat require minimum coding experience or HTML/CSS knowledge. Aspen theme features extremely simple method of editing such as checkbox interface

Does that means it didn’t fit advance and experienced wordpress users? No, not at all, it also offered plenty of space for advance users to customized as well as edit to fit your need.


What makes Aspentheme perfect is that it features over  16 sidebars locations as well as various layout option. Moreover, its responsiveness is absolutely awesome, the mobile view will match the desktops view 100%! According to various studies, now more than 80% of internet traffic are from mobiles devices, that is why Aspen theme were perfect choice for any WordPress users.

Moreover, it also support the translation of over 18 languages, most popular plugins and WP Multisite.

Original Developer:

Aspentheme was first developed by weavertheme.com. The main goal  of developing Aspentheme  is to provide a simpler options compare to their original theme, Weaver II. It didn’t turn out well and the projects has been stopped by the developers himself. Aspenthem is no longer supported by the developer since June 2015.

If you have Aspentheme installed on your website, don’t worry it is 100% functional, just that it is not update or be provided with any further support anymore. But it will still be compatible with upcoming WordPress update.

Current Owner:

Aspentheme.com is now set up for 100% non-profit purpose, in which, it focus on teaching web accessibility, modern game accessibility and tech accessibility.